May 272010

Shakopee, MN—On your mark, get set, Gooooo- It’s time to put on your hat for all things hip-hop! The 3rd annual Soundset Festival presented by Rhymesayers Entertainment will come out the gates at Canterbury Downs horse racing track in Shakopee, MN this Sunday, May 30th. With a line up of hip-hop artists and DJ’s head lining the event, it is sure to make your Memorial Day weekend a memorable one, rain or shine! I have been looking forward to attending this event for over a year now, when I was unable to make last years festival due to lack of execution and planning. However, this year is not to be missed and if you don’t believe me, let the line up speak for itself:

Atmosphere, Method Man & Redman, Brother Ali, Hieroglyphics featuring Del The Funky Homosapien, Souls of Mischief, Casual and Pep Love, P.O.S, Murs, Freeway & Jake One, Eyedea & Abilities, Wiz Khalifa, Cage, DJ Rob Swift, Grieves & Budo, 45 King, People Under The Stairs, BK One, DJ Revolution, Dessa, Yelawolf, Fashawn, Themselves, Busdriver, Toki Wright, Solillaquists of Sound, Prof with Rahzwell, Cecil Otter, Dark Time Sunshine, Ernest Rhodes, A.R.M (M.anifest & Krukid), Mike Dreams, I.B.E, Ice Rod, Plain Ole Bill, Mike 2600, Kid Cut Up, DJ Pratt and DJ Anton. Hosted by Peter Parker, Kevin Beacham and DJ Snuggles.

Now, if you’re a fan of hip-hop, whether it’s underground or major label, there is something for everyone to enjoy in this line up. But, 1st things 1st: Atmosphere has to be called to the front of the stage for being the driving force behind this event, that has now become a right of passage in the land of ice and snow. This Southside Minneapolis duo of Slug (MC) and Ant (DJ) have been instrumental in gaining serious traction for what has been called socially conscious rap. I have seen the group a number of times and the energy they possess is undeniable. In addition to Atmosphere, Brother Ali and his label mates will be ‘droppin it’ this weekend as well. Brother Ali’s soulful delivery always brings a surplus of heat to the stage, ensuring no matter the weather conditions of this outdoor festival, the fans will certainly feel warm inside. I have had the pleasure of seeing him perform a handful of time now and his new album “Us” leaves heads ringing and toes tappin’ every time it hits your speakers.


In addition to seeing Brother Ali and Atmosphere in concert, I’ve enjoyed the efforts of Toki Wright (check out his track ‘Devil’s Advocate’ off the album “A Different Mirror”), Grieves & Budo, Jake One and BK One. The Rhymesayers Entertainment staples are guaranteed to entertain and almost certain to be performing verses on songs with other artists throughout the day (I’m so excited, I think I just peed a little!). Other acts I’m looking forward to checking out less than a week from now include: Money Murs (the album Murs 3:16 is a must have in your Ipod rotation), Hieroglyphics (love the tunes they did with Goapele), Del the Funky Homosapien (check out his alias project Deltron 3030), P.O.S., Solillaquists, People Under the Stairs, Souls of Mischief, Eyedea and Abilities, Freeway, and yes—even Meth and Red (if the recently released “Blackout 2” album lives up to the original, I will be stoked)!

That said, the ‘atmosphere’ of the entire event should be off the charts! The assembled group of artists and events here bring a vibe that can be enjoyed and appreciated for people of all walks. Personally, I can’t wait to roll into the parking lot with my crew, loaded with—anticipation and take in the whole day with the kind of wide-eyed enthusiasm a child has the first time they eat an ice cream sundae or drive past the Wisconsin Dells! Also, behind the scenes of this event, is a landmark effort by volunteers and others to recycle as much reusable products as possible. Soundset aims to be as much of an eco-friendly event as possible and I believe it sets the standard of responsibility and sustainability for festival events around the country.

In addition to the artists performing at the all day event, there will also be a b-boy/b girl competition (i.e. break dancing contest- I can’t wait!), urban artistry will be on display (a.k.a. graffiti competition), Skateboard demo and trick competition and a low-rider car show event to round out the festivities. I will be submitting another post soon after the show to detail the madness, so check that out after you get done with your own, Memorial Day Melee. Finally, feel free to cruise the link below to get more info on the concert and its participants!

Have a safe, happy and healthy Memorial Day weekend…..And remember, “It goes lick, swallow, suck and order another”!

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  1. Let’s get some feed back going! Tell us what you think–

  2. T-Rizzzout, love the post. The line up for this is absurd. My favorite, Ant, blowing the dust off some old funk vinyls and giving my ears some disco biscuits, mixed up in some swanky beats drizzled with slug juice! Damn, i wish i could be there. Take pictures, and write notes, it may be your only memories. looking forward to the post-op! BTW, heard you have some new ‘ish of your own being layed down as we speak. WHen are we gonna get some single serve samples posted?

  3. Great job Ry! I can’t wait to check this festival out. I’ve only recently become exposed to some of these artist and seeing them all together live in concert is going to solidify the fan I’m become of many of them! I’ve checked out a few of them live and was blown away at how talented they were. Add in some of these other artist and activites, and it’s going to be a pretty spectacular experience. Can’t wait!! 🙂

  4. TROUT…love it. It sounds amazingly fun and wish I could be there to rock out with ya’ll. I want to hear all the deets when you get back. Have a great Memorial Day weekend. Hope to see you soon. Possibly in July and then again in October…you know because I’m a jetsetter ;-). JK. I also agree with Jose…I thought we were going to get some samples. WTF man?

  5. Love the post! Reading this makes me very jealous and I wish i was there! Can’t wait to read more about the full experience you had and the different highlights in your next post.

  6. Hey man, just getting back from New Orleans. Ya’ll hear that Nolia clap?!

    Hope this was a good time. I’d be most excited to see Deltron 3030. That sh*t burned a hole in my iPod for many months.

  7. I hope you got paid well for this promotion!

  8. Yo RT, love the blog! Way to represent! Wish I was over there. Maybe next time. Have a blast! and keep up the good work!!

  9. Where is part two? I want to know how the show went! Ya got to entertain your public!

  10. Sounds like this show will be the concert event of the summer….I can’t wait to check out your follow up! Who knew that Minneapolis would produce such a talented hip hop scene?!?!?

    Keep me in the loop!

  11. Good stuff Trout, that’s a ridiculous lineup. It’s like my Ipod threw up on a setlist.

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