Dec 252010

CC – “My eyes water when I look at the sun”

14F accompanied by her father

HPI – A really very nice girl informed me that her eyes were watering at recess today when she looked directly at the sun. As she told me this I stole a glance at her father. My glance meant to say “Are you retarded? How did you allow her to check in with this complaint?” Dad didn’t get it though and just listened to his daughter intently as though she was describing a very serious condition. Pt denies any visual loss, pain or discharge at this time although she did see white spots and have some pain after staring at the sun.  Duh.  She told me that she went to the school nurse who advised her that she should go home. (WTF?) Dad brought her in to the emergency room to be “checked”. He also wants a school note so there is proof he is a “good parent” and had her debilitating and possibly contagious condition evaluated by a professional.

Digression – what is the deal lately with all of these parents asking for school notes for their kids? I can understand the work note. I can also understand the school note saying that the student has been evaluated and is clear to return. What I am talking about is all the parents who bring in their child with the common cold and ask for a note stating the child can miss a day or two of school. Isn’t that the parent’s decision? When I was a kid and I was too sick to go to school my mom just called in to tell them I was sick. Are you telling me that schools require a doctor’s note every time the child misses a day of school?  And in my opinion a “good parent” is one that does not expose their child to the pathologic bacteria floating around the ER unless they have a true emergency.

ROS – Positive for abdominal pain. When asked she replied excitedly “LIKE YEAH, My pants are too tight and sometimes it hurts my stomach!”

PE – One very healthy dim witted young female, dim wits obviously inherited from dad’s side.  Conjunctiva wnl, PERRL, EOMI, visual acuity wnl

Dx – Eye Pain

Tx – Don’t look at the sun dammit!

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