Dec 032010

CC – “I drank a whole bottle of grey goose and now my head hurts”

32M  Friday 11:00 AM

HPI –  Well Duh.  You got drunk and now you are hungover.  Finally a case I can feel completely comfortable with!  If there is one thing I remember from college and medical school, it’s how to doctor a hangover.  At least it was Grey Goose and not Paw Paw Vodka.  I imagine in that case this guy wouldn’t have even made it out of bed.

Yes, hangovers do suck but aren’t you just a little embarrassed to show up at the ER for one?  This guy wasn’t even vomiting, he should have considered himself lucky.

PE – Disheveled young male with really bad breath.  Sickly sweet smell of booze emanating from his person.

Dx– Acute Hangover

Tx – Motrin, Pepcid, Zofran and a liter of normal saline. 

Rx – Recommendation for some huevos rancheros or a McGriddle upon leaving the ER.

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