Mar 152011

K8 files ventured out to Tombstone, AZ for a ghost hunt at the Birdcage Theater. We purchased tickets to the 9:30 paranormal tour. We researched the building and the history is amazing. It’s a bar, gambling hall and of course, an invitation to purchase a lady of the night. 26 people were killed in this building. Tombstone was a lawless land and anything goes. There are countless stories to the haunting of the Birdcage Theater. Ghost Hunters did an episode in season 3 and Ghost Adventures has investigated there as well. It is proclaimed the most haunted place in the United States. We learned about a few of these haunting and then got a chance to experience it for ourselves. We had an EMF detector, a digital recorder and a digital camera. We didn’t get any EMF readings, we didn’t catch an apparition in any photos but we did get an amazing Class A EVP. You can listen to it at and you will hear the first lady who is Nova, the employee at the birdcage. She is thanking the spirits for being with us. The second thank you is the EVP. To me it sounds like a female whisper. See for yourself what you think. We did have this sound file analyzed and the voice is spoken well below normal human frequency which is typical of a spirit voice. Do you believe????? I do!

Click here to listen to the audio: Birdcage Audio